Product Development

Ever found yourself wondering whether technology could provide a better way for you to run your business?
Well yes, it can, and at Smart Systems we have the experience and expertise to make it happen for you.

On the web and across desktop and mobile, Smart Systems creates applications and software that think and deliver in ways you never imagined possible. Our products not only give great interface, they perform seamlessly, integrating with your business operations—and the people who run them—like they were meant for each other.

They also play very nicely with all of our other products, making it possible to bring to bear a whole suite of intelligent solutions for your Small to Medium Enterprise.

This depth of integration improves your business processes from the ground up. And because Smart Systems focuses on the myriad ways in which artificial intelligence—or machine learning as it is known—can streamline the essential day to day operations of the business, you’ll soon discover what you suspected was always there, but never knew how to get at; increased efficiencies, lower costs and improved results through world-class performance.

It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in. We help day spas and construction companies, childcare centres and water purification companies. Innovation isn’t picky. Where there is room for improvement, Smart System provides it. All with the human touch that an excellent level of technological service requires.

Website Development

There are ways to build websites, and then there are ways to build websites.
Smart Systems, in creating some of the most dynamic and user-friendly websites you’ll find, definitely favours the latter.

If there is something we can’t achieve on the web, then it hasn’t been invented yet—and we may very well be the ones to invent it. Our core strength and specialty is architecture design—the very foundations of a website, dictating how it performs, the information it gathers and processes, and its sheer useability.

We generally provide full and customised CMS functionality for our clients. Once they have our leading-edge templates in place, they are then free to populate them with content as they see fit, and edit and update as required. The more stable and secure the architecture, the more freedom you have in making the content sing for your audience.

Small to Medium Enterprises and retail are important sectors to Smart Systems, so a large portion of our expertise is devoted to all things e-commerce. Efficient payment gateways make the buying process simple for customers, and fully compliant ERC security systems make them safe for you, our client. What’s more, we make sure it all works faultlessly across any device, including the internet of things.

Of course no web presence is complete without an eye-catching visual identity. The graphic design of your website is the icing on the digital cake, and something we excel at. Or should we say something else we excel at?

AI Technologies

Over the next few decades, AI, or artificial intelligence, is going to change the way the world works. Alternatively, you can contact Smart Systems now and start enjoying the incredible business benefits of machine learning right away.

Our understanding and application of machine learning is what sets us apart from other software developers out there. And by integrating machine learning into your everyday apps and processes, you can set yourself apart from the competition, too.

Take the example of the global water processing and purification company our technology is helping. Despite the company’s global footprint, our machine learning software solution is managed at a single location right here in Melbourne. The software gathers some 40 measurements and data points per second, uploading them instantly to the cloud. It then analyses and ‘learns’ this immense and constant flow of data in order to predict events in the assets’ timeline. It also produces a visualisation to make interpretation and comparison even more simple. Through this constant feedback loop, predictive maintenance becomes possible. The company can plan for repairs and upgrades while minimising waste and downtime, even down to when and what sort of spare parts need to be ordered.

On a more ‘street’ level, but no less time-sensitive, Smart Systems helps a construction company time the delivery of its concrete mixes perfectly. The app tracks the movement of every mixer truck in the fleet and predicts travel times based on GPS and real-time data, then generates the ideal routing and delivery schedule for optimal pouring. It’s a simple but clever approach to save time and money while enjoying the highest quality end result.

Chances are, there are aspects of your business you’ve never even considered as ripe for improvement through machine learning technology. Perhaps it’s time to sit down and have an old fashioned chat with Smart Systems about the possibilities.

UX/ UI Design

People often consider UX and UI to be technical terms in the digital realm. Smart Systems has a different idea. We think they are human terms.

The key word is ‘user.’ The person using the technology, without whom the tech itself has no real purpose. You’ll also notice the word ‘experience’ plays a prominent part. Suggesting that the person using the technology doesn’t simply perform a predetermined task—they partake in an experience with some level of emotional involvement.

Our point? To get the most out of any software solution, you have to carefully consider not just the people using it, but how they use it, why they use it and what their ideal outcome might be. It’s vital to understand people as much as technology.

Human-centric development is very high on the Smart Systems list of priorities. Every interface we design needs to be the ultimate distillation of efficiency and useability. Every line of code, every piece of architecture, needs to ensure the use of the product feels natural and downright enjoyable.

Smart Systems spends a lot of time studying the way people work—the process of getting things done. Only then can we go away and create the most efficient, flexible and user-friendly applications possible. Interestingly, an intuitive interface might not always be the most efficient. So we help you find the perfect balance for your business’s unique way of working.

Remember when you were young and how much fun it was to jump on the computer and see what was what? Well who said it has to be boring now that you’re a grown-up? Certainly not us. Smart Systems doesn’t just create software to be world-class smart—we develop it to be fun to use.