Pioneering technology that improves the lives of people and community


Product Development

The software products we develop are purpose-designed to interlink and work seamlessly together to achieve the results you’re after.

Website Development

Beautiful web architecture and elegant graphics, enabling flawless integration of e-commerce, payment gateways, ERC systems and more.

AI Technologies

Perfectly integrated with your business needs and goals, our machine learning software feels less artificial and more actually intelligent.

UX/ UI Design

Before we look at how software works, we look at how people work, to create the most efficient technological solutions possible.

Smart Systems is more than just a name — it’s a philosophy.
Not in that clichéd kind of way, either.

We create software and web solutions for small-to-medium enterprises that define what smart technology can be. More efficient. Less costly. Better quality. All that digital goodness. Our unique combination of development expertise and machine learning AI keeps us—and your business—at the forefront of possibility.

In 2019, at our premises in South Melbourne, Victoria, Smart Systems evolved from providing our partner Tickbox’s clients with web and mobile development services, into an independent provider of technological wonders. Our apps, websites and UX/UI solutions are second-to-none, but our true speciality is machine learning. From childcare centres to concrete trucks, clients are astounded by the efficiencies and potential we help to unlock. The huge amounts of data we can analyse and the pinpoint accuracy of our feedback loops really put the intelligence into artificial intelligence.

As you may have noticed elsewhere, it’s easy to get very serious and dry talking about things technological. That’s why Smart Systems is a firm believer in human-based development. Software should always be a joy to use—and never boring. Yes, our products themselves are as smart as you’ll find anywhere. But how you interact with them day to day is perhaps the smartest aspect of all.