Case Study
Neo Intelligence
Constructing a better way
In an increasingly competitive landscape, construction companies face all manner of challenges to remain profitable. A see-sawing economy, increased regulatory requirements (and associated expenses), and the need to budget jobs accurately not just for today, but for project end dates well into the future, all make it difficult to get the edge on the competition. One company, however, discovered a way to reduce costs drastically, and turn it into a profitable business of its own—all with a little help from Smart Systems.

Ocon Construction Group knew they were good at what they did, but they also knew they could do better. Operations and processes weren’t as efficient as they could be, and management suspected it was costing them money—they just didn’t quite know how to go about remedying it.

Unable to sort through their complex requirements manually, the company turned to Smart Systems to see if it were possible to develop a fully integrated operations management software solution that would streamline all aspects of the way the business ran. Never shy of a challenge, we set out to achieve just that.
Building it right
Our focus was twofold. One, to create a tailored software solution that could fully automate the processes of Ocon’s day-to-day operations through a cloud-based management system. And two, to make it extremely user-friendly so that site supervisors and management could interact with the data through an iPad interface. Because the software was customised, we were able to address the areas of most concern to the company, while ensuring a robust backend that allowed for control of everything from estimating to payroll, staff communication to staff management, digital sign-offs to project benchmarks. Simple, but powerful.
Structured savings
Ocon found the product delivered on all of its wishlist, and was very easy and intuitive to use. They put it into immediate use across all new jobs, and after a period of 18 months were amazed at how much money the system had saved them. A large percentage of those savings was the result of improvements in the way the company handled defects, resulting in significant time and cost efficiencies.

Usually, that’s where the case study ends. Problem solved, happy customer. But in this instance, Ocon took it a step further...
Extending the vision
So impressed were they with Smart Systems’ solution that they made the decision to commercialise it under its own separate business entity. In other words, they hoped to profit from helping their competitors.

The Group started up a new company, Neo Intel, and dubbed the product Ocon after their own construction business. Once again Smart Systems was on hand to help develop the rollout of the software, the most important consideration being that whereas previously the product had been customised to the way Ocon operated, it now had to integrate seamlessly with a broad range of customers across the entire spectrum of the construction industry.

Rather than being an obstacle, however, this necessity became an advantage. Because of the needs of the wider market, the software was expanded with countless new features and integrations that never would have been considered before, which in turn made it into a more powerful and useful product. Today, Neo Intel markets the product as “the world’s most powerful structural trade operations management software”—a big claim, but one they can be confident in.
Measuring success
Of course, Smart Systems ensures its products aren’t just enjoyable to use, but also deliver real, measurable benefits. Just some of the real-world efficiencies reported include 75% reduction in admin time, 50% reduction in phone calls made, 24% savings from wages, 57% fewer contract disputes, and 42% reduction in lost equipment.

It isn’t every day that a company turns its custom software solution into a national success. Then again, it isn’t every day that a company discovers the kind of uncompromising expertise that Smart Systems affords.