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Home Theatre

Superior Surround Sound and Widescreen viewing giving you the complete cinematic experience.

Multi-room Audio

With a wide variety of Distributed Audio Systems available, let us help you make an informed decision.


Multi-room Video

Foxtel, HDTV, DVDs or Blu-ray disc - direct to any room in your home simultaneously.


Energy Management

With the use of Energy Management you can manage your carbon footprint and save money.


Security Systems

We deliver smart yet simple to use integrated Home Security Systems


Keyless Entry

Gain entry to your house via a keypad, button remote, bio metric scanner, no need for keys!



Members of CEDIA
Smart Systems has been a member of Cedia for over 10 years.


"The company maintains its position by investing time and resources into researching the latest and best products..."

Welcome to Smart Systems...

At Smart Systems, we offer you a lifestyle of convenience, security and comfort, well prepared for the future.

Imagine a smart home that welcomes you with a lighting path from your car to the kitchen, so you feel safe and don't have to fumble around for switches in the dark...

How about a home that remembers things for you; such as turning off everything as you leave or when you are away turning lights on and off and adjusting blinds to make the house look lived in?

How about an all-off button beside the bed so that when you go to sleep you know all the lights in the house are off, or a 'get up in the middle of the night' subdued lighting path from a single touch?

At Smart Systems, we do this, and much, much more.

Smart Systems specialises in delivering home automation, security, access control and high end AV to all areas of Melbourne; covering the design, installation and integration of entertainment system , distributed audio and video , advanced security systems , communications , lighting automation and electrical , and smart-green home management.

The longest established Home Automation company in Melbouren with over 15 years experience in the industry, we are proficient in energy auditing, home theatre systems, communications systems, Internet and data networks, touch-screen controls and electrical installations. Smart Systems installs intelligent home automation systems and electronic architecture in the modern home, offering a personalised service to create a home or office tailored to the specific needs of each client.

While every home is a custom installation, a universal requirement for all homes is structured cabling. Smart Systems designs and cables houses with a purpose-built wiring infrastructure. By doing so, we allow for both current and future requirements and for the implementation of evolving home technology.

To discover the Smart Systems difference, call (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online contact request today.

A Smart House

Smart Systems creates smart home technology that works for you, so you have time for the more important things in life. Smart Systems undertakes many projects both large and small, from simple home automation systems to the very complex, and we excel in making them simple to use. Continual research and development ensures our team are always up with the latest and best products in home automation control; all fully supported, expertly engineered and with architectural appeal. See our Smart House projects.

Commercial Projects

Smart Systems also provides intelligent automation to a host of commercial and industrial clients in a range of industries, including full lighting control of the Commonwealth law courts and a large scale automation solution for the Multi-purpose sporting Venue. A typical commercial project would include and integrate a Building Management System, Access Control, Intelligent Lighting Automation, Training, Conference and Boardrooms.

See our projects such as

  • Mercedes Headquarters
  • Commonwealth Law Courts
  • Multi Purpose Venue
  • State Hockey and Netball Centre
  • Siemens Headquarters
  • Telstra GOC
  • Vic Roads
  • Scotch College

Systems Integrators

As Systems Integrators we make sure that all your systems work together so that you get more than each system offers individually. For example the alarm system communicates with the lighting system so that the house looks lived in even when you are not at home.

Having Smart Systems involved in the planning stages of your home ensures no costly mistakes are made by being poorly informed. We can flag potential issues or suggest new ideas that use new or emerging technologies. This ensures full integration with all required features in your home. The earlier we are involved the more we can work with you and your architect, builder and cabinet makers for the ideal solution. For example, it is vital with home entertainment centre to ensure the correct cable links are provided in the wall between the equipment and the display screen, and that the cabinetry can house the equipment and disperse the heat, or even something as simple as ensuring adequate support behind the plaster where a flat screen is to be mounted.

We maintain certifications from our industry trade associations to help us provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Smart Systems offers

  • Design advice and full conceptual design.
  • Full costing and detailed planning.
  • Project management and Site co-ordination.
  • Detailed drawings and documentation.
  • Equipment supply and Installation.
  • Full commissioning.
  • Post installation service and support.

Smart Systems are systems integrators, specialising in home and commercial automation in all areas:


For Family Entertainment, Multi-Room distributed Audio, Multi-Room Video and Dedicated Home Theatre Systems in your home Smart Systems will make it simple! With Smart Systems' entertainment packages, you can:

  • Have the same music playing in multiple rooms or different music in various rooms.
  • Set your distributed audio to wake you up in your bedroom.
  • Music in your bathroom as you shower, or catch the news.
  • Play in the kitchen as you eat breakfast.
  • Use your Home Media room to play games with remote competition.
  • Hide projector screens and projectors away in the ceiling to be dropped down when required.
  • Stream music and video around the house.
  • Press one button on the remote control to turn on the audio video system, close the drapes, dim the lights and start your movie - turning your family room into a theatre.
  • Use your Iphone or iPod Touch for control around the house.

For the full range of Entertainment applications and options or information on the revolutionary Sonos System, contact us today.


For Alarm Systems , Keyless Entry and Camera Systems to keep you secure when at home or away, choose Smart Systems' advanced security systems. Understanding that an advanced security system provides peace of mind, we take pride in leaving nothing to chance. With Smart Systems security packages, you can:

  • View the pool camera in your home.
  • Check your cameras over the Internet from anywhere in the world.
  • Check when a cleaner has entered and left the house.
  • Activate lights when an alarm is tripped.
  • Activate programmed light sequences to provide the illusion of occupancy when away.
  • Utilise keypad, keyless entry and fingerprint scanners so you don't need to carry keys when you go for a run.
  • Have your alarm system and cameras monitored.
  • Control access when allowing tradesmen to entry your property.
  • Receive a call when a courier is at your front door and let them in remotely.
  • Have the front gate programmed so that it is left unlocked during daylight hours and locked in the evening.

For the above Advanced Security System applications plus many more, contact us today.

Data & Communication

For Hi-Speed Internet or Telephone and Intercom , Smart Systems are the experts. We ensure that you're cabling meets the latest requirements, guaranteeing you're cabling infrastructure copes with ever-increasing data transfer needs.

With Smart Systems data and communication automation and integration, you can:

  • Conveniently - and securely - connect to the Internet in any room throughout your the house.
  • Screen visitors with an intercom at your front door or gate.
  • Mute upstairs telephones at certain times to ensure children sleep undisturbed.
  • Network all computers to file-share, share networked printers and include home server back up.
  • Stream audio and video around your house.

For the above Data and Communication applications plus many more, contact us today.

Lighting & Electrical

For unrivalled Smart Lighting Automation and Electricals , let Smart Systems light the way. With Smart Systems lighting and electrical installation and integration, you can:

  • Synchronise lighting with smoke detectors, security alerts, distributed audio, home theatre and much more.
  • Customise lighting automation by programming switches and touch screens for convenience and efficiency.
  • Coordinate blinds, drapes and shutters to open or close automatically depending on the time of day.
  • You can even control some of these systems from your car and need never walk into a dark house again.
  • Have the lights in your bedroom slowly brighten at the same time your alarm clock is set to wake you to simulate daybreak, no matter how dark it might be outside.

For the above Lighting automation and Electrical applications and services plus many more, contact us today.


Smart Systems takes pride in delivering not only practical home automation to Melbourne, but also Energy Management systems for Smart-Green homes. With Smart Systems' Smart-Green options, you can:

  • Control blinds and drapes automatically by time of day and season, to maximize warming in winter adn minimize heat loads in summer.
  • Monitor your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly usage of power and gas.
  • Set the most economical schedules for the home and afford day to day flexibility.
  • Control water tank distribution for garden or mains use.

For the above Smart-Green home applications and services plus many more, contact us today.

Smart Systems; a one-stop shop making home automation and systems integration simple.

For more information on lighting automation, distributed audio, advanced security systems, and complete home automation , or any of Smart Systems' products or services, contact us today on (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online contact request .

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