We are proud to announce that Smart Systems is now part of Recluse AV.
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Teamed Up For Success

Recluse AV Pty Ltd is delighted to announce its acquisition of Smart Systems Pty Ltd, a company similarly specializing in automation systems, integration, audio visual design and products.

Our parent Company, The Adidem Group, which also owns and operates many other businesses including The Body Shop around Australia, made an offer on The Smart Systems business before Christmas that was gladly accepted by then owners Michael Staindl and Kay Wennagel. Smart Systems, is a business that has earned a reputation as a leading automation and audio-visual engineering firm in Australia and has been responsible for many leading and innovative projects.

Michael and Kay were eager to realize a benefit from a business to which they have dedicated much of their life over the last 15 years. “The synergies that were present between the two companies and the focus that Recluse shared with respect to quality of product and process, innovation and service, were impossible to ignore and such an exciting proposition for the future” said former Smart Systems co-owner Michael. Recluse is now even better equipped to handle the unique and increasingly complex integration of control systems and audio-visual equipment. To be a great business in today’s industry you need to balance enthusiasm with knowledge and expertise.
Our team of solutions experts, engineers and project managers at Recluse has over 100 years combined experience and we are often called upon to a variety of industry sectors and government. Essentially all of the Smart Systems team has joined the new business and our group interactions thus far have given us great confidence in our unique approach and service offering. Recluse AV offers a truly holistic solution to customers with a range of services that go beyond those ordinarily offered in the industry. In addition to control system engineering and audio-visual equipment we also provide in-house interior design and joinery manufacture and have a core focus on a full service approach that endures well past the completion of a project.

To mark this event, we have launched the first phase of our new website which will later offer customers unique control of their systems and information. The finishing touches to our showroom have also been made and we invite customers along for a truly unique experience. The showroom, located in Richmond, is state-of-the-art and as well as being a lot of fun, it helps customers understand how technology can positively affect their lifestyle. If customers are looking to visit one place where they can truly see how total automation and integration works, then this is it.

We are committed to success and confident that we will continue to provide great solutions for our customers as we develop and promote this very exciting industry.