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Smart Solutions

Looking for a Smart Solution for home automation? A smart house that will think for itself, create efficiency in your daily routine and allow you time for the more important things in life? If so, choose Smart Systems; we take pride in 'Making it Simple'.

At Smart Solutions, we deliver functionality, integration and simplicity all in one. As the first provider of all-inclusive home automation in Melbourne, we've been delivering lighting automation , distributed audio and video , advanced security systems , dedicated home theatres , hi-speed internet connections , smart-green energy management solutions and much, much more for over 15 years. Boasting over 1000 satisfied clients and the means to continually evolve, we are the industry leaders. By using the most advanced technology, and ensuring each custom installation includes purpose built structured cabling infrastructure, we'll build you a Smart System for today to evolve for tomorrow.

Smart Systems employs experts specialising in each independent area of the home automation systems process to achieve the most outstanding results. Whether it's a revolutionary Sonos System for distributed audio throughout the house, lighting automation, data and communication or smart-green solutions for energy management, Smart Systems has a person for the job and the technology and experience to make it simple.



For Family Entertainment , Multi-Room Distributed Audio , Multi-Room Video and Dedicated Home Theatre Systems in your home, Smart Systems can make it simple! With Smart Systems entertainment packages, you can:

  • Use state of the art systems for distributed audio and video in multiple rooms, minus the messy clutter.
  • Hide projector screens away in the ceiling to be dropped down when required.
  • Control your distributed audio system, all home theatre audio and video equipment with a single remote or touch screen.
  • Turn off lights, adjust heating and close blinds from the comfort of the lounge prior to viewing.

For the above applications and Entertainment Options plus many more, contact us today.



For home access control, Alarm Systems , Keyless Entry and Camera Systems to keep you secure when at home or away, choose a Smart Systems' advanced security system. Understanding that a security system provides peace of mind, we take pride in leaving nothing to chance. With Smart Systems security packages, you can:

  • View security cameras from any room in your home.
  • Have interactive alarm systems to activate all lights when your alarm is triggered.
  • Activate lighting sequences to provide the illusion of occupancy when away.
  • Use keypad, Fobs and fingerprint scanners to allow secure keyless access into your home.

For the above applications and Security Services plus many more, contact us today.


Data & Communication

For Hi-Speed Internet or Telephone and Intercom , Smart Systems are the experts.
With Smart Systems data and communication systems, you can:

  • Conveniently connect to the Internet in any room throughout your the house.
  • Screen visitors with an intercom at your front door or gate.
  • Mute upstairs telephones at certain times to ensure children sleep undisturbed.
  • Network all computers to file-share, share networked printers and include home server back up.

For the above home technology and Data and Communication applications plus many more, contact us today.


Lighting & Electrical

For unrivalled Smart Lighting Automation and Electricals , let Smart Systems lead the way.
With Smart Systems automated lighting solutions and electrical installations, you can:

  • Synchronise lighting automation with smoke detectors to allow a safe path way in a smoke filled house.
  • Turn all of your lights on if your alarm system is triggered.
  • Set lighting scenes to dim lights for your home theatre to give you that cinema feel.
  • Control lighting through switches, touch screens, remote controls and even mobile phones.
  • Coordinate blinds, drapes and shutters to open or close automatically depending on the time of day.
  • Have an all off switch by the bed to turn all but selected lights off in your home.
  • Welcome home lighting as you arrive home to give your house that lived in feel.
  • Check your electrical power usage.

Touch Screen Controls

  • Control your home from a central point in your house such as the kitchen or living area with an in wall touch screen.
  • Touch panels can be programmed to do almost anything. From such things as lighting, heating control, view security cameras, arming your house, accessing intercoms, playing audio and even viewing the weather and checking flight departure times.
  • Touch screen remotes can be used to control everything your conventional remotes used to, but with one major advantage of house control at your finger tips anywhere around your house. So when sitting down to a movie you don't have to get up to turn off lights, close blinds and adjust heating.
  • You can even check your intercom and security cameras from your couch. View your front door via your touch screen and allow access to your visitors.
  • Check your water tank level and schedule your watering system.

For the above Lighting Automation and Electrical applications and services plus many more, contact us today.



Smart Systems takes pride in delivering not only practical home automation to Melbourne, but also Energy Management and Smart-Green Home Systems. With Smart Systems' Smart-Green options, you can:

  • Check your power, water and gas usage.
  • Set the most economical schedules for the home energy use.
  • Monitor temperatures inside and outside the house.
  • Control air flow throughout the house.
  • Optimise shading systems in and around your house.
  • Check the level of your water tanks and switch between mains and tank water use.
  • Minimise your power usage by using your in-wall touchscreen to turn off unused lights throughout your home.

For the above Smart-Green Home applications and services plus many more, contact us today.

For more information on home technology for lighting automation , distributed audio , complete home automation in Melbourne, advanced security systems , smart-green homes, or any of Smart Systems' products or services, contact us today on (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form .