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Energy Management

Choose Smart Systems for successful energy management and monitoring. Implementing Smart Green home technology you can manage your carbon footprint and save money.

Smart Systems understands that to power lighting, heating and cooling can be a costly expense if managed incorrectly - costly to you, and costly to the environment. That's why we provide the option to monitor daily, weekly, monthly and yearly usage of power and gas through a connection. Smart systems can calculate your usage and display it on an in-wall touch screen or PC so you can monitor your home's energy use and minimize the cost and of course the carbon footprint

Smart People

We are consistently developing and improving the efficiency and energy use of all our products and services. Did you know, for example, that if your new TV isn't properly adjusted it can use up to 30% more power than it needs to (and you get a much better picture when it is optimized too!)? With Smart Systems, you'll be guaranteed a Smart-Green home.

With Energy Management options from Smart Systems, reduce your carbon footprint by contributing to a lower heating and cooling bill and save water through the use of tanks and customised sprinkler systems.

For smart Home Automation in Melbourne that is cost effective, monitored and measureable, choose Smart Systems. Call (03) 9818 8006 to find out more.

With Energy Management from Smart Systems, you can:

  • Control your water tank distribution, for either garden or mains use according to time of day and day of week.
  • Control your usage and display all power consumption within the home enabling easy tracking patterns for energy use throughout the home.
  • Set the most economical schedules for your home and customise your usage on a day to day basis to take advantage of off-peak power periods.
  • Customise particular metering for the heavy power products around your house such as pool heating, air conditioning and slab heating.


Why Choose Smart Systems?

A History of Success

At Smart Systems, we are the longest standing residential and commercial automation integrators in Melbourne. At the start our aim was to provide functional, integrated infrastructure, home access control and secure living. Today, after 15 years, our goal remains the same. Through expanded operations, the latest technology, a history of industry success and a commitment to achieving perfection, we've become the trusted name in home automation for Melbourne households. Above all else we offer simplicity and peace of mind.

By using the best technology and ensuring each custom installation includes purpose built structured cabling infrastructure, we'll build you a Smart System for today ready to evolve for tomorrow.

For more information on Smart Systems' Energy Monitoring ,or to learn about lighting automation or complete home automation in Melbourne, contact us today on (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form