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Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry; just another aspect of a Smart Systems smart house!
Keyless entry is a feature of an advanced security system that all automated homes should include. Consider the benefits of running in the morning without carrying - or hiding - keys.

Returning home from work at the push of your garage door remote as you enter you street at night, you will set in motion the following events; driveway lights will come on, your garage door will open and the garage lights will come on, the door from garage into the house will unlock and pathway lighting through your house will be illuminated. If you wish ou can even have a selection of your favourite music start to play through the distributed audio system! With Smart Systems, you can do all this and more.

With Keyless Entry and home access control from Smart Systems, you can:

  • Co-ordinate codes to operate at certain times during the day for cleaners, gardeners, handymen, etc.
  • Display access times on your PC to monitor traffic in and out of your home.
  • Choose from a number or keyless options including key pad, fingerprint scanner, button remote or fob.
  • Control home access, including front gates, garage doors and front doors from in-wall touchscreen in the kitchen.
  • Even have your intercom call you on your mobile if no one is home, talk to the guest, and optionally unlock the door if it is a trusted friend or courier


Why Choose Smart Systems?

A History of Success

At Smart Systems, we are the longest standing residential and commercial automation integrators in Melbourne. At the start our aim was to provide functional, integrated infrastructure, home access control and secure living. Today, after 15 years, our goal remains the same. Through expanded operations, the latest technology, a history of industry success and a commitment to achieving perfection, we've become the trusted name in home automation for Melbourne households. Above all else we offer simplicity and peace of mind.

By using the best technology and ensuring each custom installation includes purpose built structured cabling infrastructure, we'll build you a Smart System for today to evolve for tomorrow.

For more information on home access control including alarm systems camera systems or keyless entry, contact us today. Alternatively, to learn more about distributed audio, dedicated home theatres , complete home automation in Melbourne or smart-green homes, call (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form