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At Smart Systems, we deliver hi-tech Security Systems that are simple to use.
Control your home security with Smart Systems!

Today, security in the home is more important than ever. That's why we help design smart houses with advanced security systems to keep your family feeling secure and protected. For Alarm Systems , Keyless Entry and CCTV & Camera Systems technology, choose Smart Systems. Understanding that an advanced security system provides peace of mind, we take pride in leaving nothing to chance.

With Smart Systems security packages, you can have the benefits of:

  • Viewing security cameras from any room in your home.
  • Interactive alarm systems to activate all lights when an alarm is tripped, scaring off would be intruders.
  • Automatically activating programmed light sequences to provide the impression of occupancy when away.
  • Utilising keypad, keyless entry and fingerprint scanners, for total security and convenience.
  • Having security cameras displayed on Touch screens, PC's or Digital video recorders.
  • Controlling home security and view security cameras from any room in the house, either full screen or as a sub screen to appear in conjunction with normal viewing.

For the above advanced security systems features plus many more, contact us today.

The advanced security system options available at Smart Systems have been categorised into three separate categories for simple identification of your specific needs. These include:


Alarm Systems

Smart Systems' advanced security systems have evolved to incorporate a host of varying alarm system , Lighting Automation and Camera Systems technologies to control home security easily and effectively. With the aim being to dissuade potential intruders before they make it to your door, Smart Systems are thinking ahead.

Advanced Security Systems from Smart Systems include:

  • Lighting automation patterns providing the simulation of a 'lived-in' home while away
  • Lighting automation to maintain a lit up path for a few minutes as you leave your home
  • The ability to program pedestrian gates to remain unlocked during the day and lock automatically at night
  • A panic button to enact all lighting in the house if an intruder is detected
  • The ability to track the use of external keypads for access control


Keyless Entry

Keyless Enrty is an essential system that all automated homes should include. Consider the benefits of running in the morning without carrying - or hiding - keys. What if you had one system to unlock and control the driveway gate, your roller door and your home's entry door? What if lighting automation was activated in the garage, basement levels and on the stairs as your car enters the garage? With Smart Systems, you can do all this and more. With keyless entry you can:

  • Go out for a jog in the morning without the need for keys, enter your home with a keypad or fingerprint scanner.
  • Hands full of shopping? Push the button on your garage remote to unlock your front door.
  • Allow gardeners and cleaners to have a code that allows access only at certain times of the day - and it's logged if ever there's an issue.
  • Be notified when your kids get home on your mobile or PC!


Camera Systems

Surveillance around your home provides an unrivalled level of security and the Smart Systems' CCTV technology is among the best you can buy. Because we understand that observing cameras 24/7 is impractical, our advanced security systems allow cameras to record only when there is movement. Consider images from the front door appearing in a sub screen in the corner of your monitor as you watch a movie, alerting you of a visitor. Viewable from any TV in the house, as well as over the internet from anywhere in the world, the Smart Systems CCTV cameras are the smart option in home security. Another popular option is to use a closed circuit television, which allows you to, for example, monitor the baby's room, the front door and the pool area from inside.

Smart Systems CCTV Cameras can:

  • Be installed at the front gate, along the driveway or at the entrance of your home.
  • Be installed around pools as a safety measure when children are swimming.
  • Be set up to record only when there is movement.
  • Be accessed over the internet while on holidays.
  • Be monitored and viewed via touch screens.

With the Smart Systems range of Alarm Systems , Cameras Systems and Keyless Entry options, a secure home is made easy. Achieve peace of mind with Smart Systems security.

For more information on home Security, Lighting Automation, Distributed Audio , complete Home Automation in Melbourne orSmart-Green homes, contact us today on (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form