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Lighting & Electrical

For integrated, functional Lighting Automation and Touchscreen controls, choose Smart Systems.
For unrivalled Smart Lighting and Electricals , Smart Systems continues to lead the way.

For over 15 years, our dedicated, expert team have been providing customised Lighting Automation, unrivalled lighting control and the most advanced Home Automation systems to Melbourne's homes. As the industry leader, we understand what it takes to reach the top, and are committed to staying there and delivering the best service and advice to our valued clients.

Smart Systems has a great depth of experience in all the major intelligent lighting systems in the Australian market, including of course Clipsal's CBus. Whether you look at it by installed base, market visibility, decore range or price point, CBus is unambiguously the leader in the Australian market. Smart Systems have been working with Clipsal since they first released CBus, and were one of their founding system's integrators. Smart Systems understands that designing, programming and commissioning CBus is much more than mimicking conventional switching - otherwise why spend the money? We have both the skills and the experience electricians don't have to allow you take full advantage of your intelligent lighting system. And we're there to support you when you want changes in the future.

With Smart Systems' home technology for automated lighting control, you can:

  • Synchronise your lighting automation with smoke detectors to allow a safe path way in a smoke filled house.
  • Turn all of your lights on if your security system is triggered.
  • Control lighting through switches, Touchscreens, remote controls and even mobile phones.
  • Coordinate blinds, drapes and shutters to open or close automatically depending on the time of day and even season.
  • Have an all off switch by the bed to turn all but selected lights off in your home.
  • Have 'Welcome home lighting' automatically activate as you arrive home for safety, convenience and comfort.
  • Save energy with the use of motion detectors for pantries, walk-in-robes, passage-ways, stairways and garages.
  • Impress your friends with lighting scenes for everything from entertainment to dimming lights in your home theatre to give you that cinema feel when the movie starts.

For the above lighting automation applications and uses, plus many more, call (03) 9818 8006 today or submit an online form .

The Lighting Automation and Electrical systems available at Smart Systems have been categorised into three separate categories for simple identification of your specific needs. These include:


Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is one of the most recognisable aspects of a smart home. With smart lighting, your lighting control is customizable to your personal preferences, they are programmed to think and act to your needs.

With Smart Systems' own home technology for automated lighting control, you can also:

  • Program any light(s) via a Touchscreen to activate automatically each day according to preset conditions and events.
  • Coordinate lights around gates, the driveway and the garage to turn on automatically when it becomes dark.
  • Integrate your lighting control, heating, blinds and other electrical equipment to operate in unison to suit a particular mood, time of day or operate when your Home Theatre begins.



Electrical Solutions from Smart Systems can also handle your Electrical installation. As specialist providers of Home Automation in Melbourne, we have unrivalled understanding of Electrical installations in a range of applications.

With Smart Systems' Electrical solutions, you can:

  • Have complete wiring of your home performed by automation experts.
  • Integrate solar panels, electrical wiring, photovoltaic and metering solutions.
  • Ensure all wiring in your house is optimised to suit your requirements.

With Electrical solutions and Home Automation systems from Smart Systems, your very own Smart House awaits.

For more information on Smart Systems' data and communication services , as well as lighting automation, distributed audio, advanced security systems , complete home automation in Melbourne or smart-green homes, contact us today on (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form