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What is a Home Automation System?

A home automation system creates a Smart & safe way to run your home. Smart Systems provides a range of services in home automation to Melbourne. A complete home automation system essentially incorporates, integrates and makes functional disparate technological elements within the home. By doing so, your home thinks for itself and acts to make your life simple. For home automation in Melbourne, there are few more experienced proven, professional companies than Smart Systems.

Smart Systems range of home automation systems includes elements of Entertainment , Security , Data and Communication , systems for Multi room Audio , Lighting Automation , Smart Green and Energy Monitoring solutions


When should I consider a home automation system?

You should consider a home automation either before you build your home, or when your home is in the design phase. Obviously, home technology can be integrated into existing infrastructure, though it is far more convenient and functional to incorporate the design of the automation into the original architecture. By considering a home automation system before you build, you are able to future proof your new smart house.


What is future proofing?

For proper installation of home automation in Melbourne, future proofing is imperative. Future proofing means having data cable that can evolve and keep up with ever expanding uses and changing technologies. As we become more reliant on data in the home, you require a system that can meet and grow with your requirements.


What is multi room audio?

Multi room audio is the ability to play different music in separate locations from the one centralised devise. Using the revolutionary Sonos System, multi room audio becomes simple. With the Sonos System, you can listen to your favourite music in the lounge room while your kids listen to theirs in the rumpus room.


Can home automation systems make my house more energy efficient?

Yes, Smart Systems' Smart Green energy management systems save money and help decrease your home's impact on the environment. Utilising lighting automation to turn off lights at certain times, automated blinds to open and close automatically for internal temperature management and monitoring energy use, Smart Systems supplies Smart Green homes.


What is C-Bus and what is the advantage of using C-Bus over normal electrical wiring?

C-Bus allows total control of your lighting automation , heating, cooling, blinds and more. C-Bus is also ideal when adding multiple systems to a single home. C-Bus can, for example, easily integrate advanced security systems to an existing home automation system.


What is the advantage of having everything connected?

Complete home automation systems simply make it simple. With lighting automation and advanced security systems , you can program your smart house to turn on all lights when a security alarm is tripped, a smoke alarm goes off or a panic button is pressed.
Integrating access control and lighting automation means when you push your garage door remote, your house lights come on and the door from the garage to the house is unlocked.
Connecting distributed audio and lighting automation allows you to replace your alarm clock in the morning with peaceful quiet music and mild lighting. By providing complete home automation, Melbourne homes are made functional and simple.


Can I access my home remotely?

Yes, you can access your home remotely via computer or mobile phone from anywhere you have Internet access.


Will it add value to my home?

Research has shown that a house with a properly installed home automation system can sell up to one 1/3 more than a similar house without a home automation system.


Do I require large intrusive speakers to have a great home theatre?

No. Great quality speakers can be mounted flush in walls and ceilings and the equipment, including amplifiers and Blu-ray players, can be housed elsewhere, away from sight.


Will my house be secure?

Yes, complete home automation systems from sound systems are more than just functional. They also act as advanced security systems. As your siren sounds and the alarm is triggered, lighting automation is queued and all lights in the home are activated. By accessing your advanced security systems and camera systems remotely, you can have complete home control even when away.


Do I need lots of remote controls?

No. With complete home automation , Sonos Systems for distributed audio , plus lighting automation , advanced security systems and dedicated home theatre , you need only one touch screen control to control all equipment. With touch screens you can also control heaters, blinds, intercoms and view your CCTV cameras.


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