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Multi-room Video

Want to play video from such sources as Foxtel, free-to-air, DVDs or Blu-ray disc - direct to any room in your home simultaneously? Consider the convenience of being able to watch a Blu-ray movie in your home theatre while the children watch Foxtel in the rumpus room; all controlled centrally, without messy cables and multiple remotes.

What about an intercom and security system programmed to display CCTV images in a picture-in-picture insert screen if a visitor should arrive while you're watching a movie? With Smart Systems multi room video, you can do this, hide all cables for your plasma, LCD and all DVD player and Blu-ray equipment tidily and without fuss.

Distributed video from Smart Systems allows you to:

  • Enjoy access to multiple sources of video in any room of your house, with the equipment hidden away in one central location.
  • Enjoy crystal clear images and the best reception from Foxtel and free to air TV. Transmit camera footage to any TV, touch screen or personal computer in your house.
  • Replace alarm clock radios with programmed, timed music through the in-ceiling speakers, or set your distributed audio to play in your bathroom as you shower or in kitchen as you eat breakfast.
  • Conceal all cables for LCD and plasma screens out of sight within the walls no more messy cables behind equipment.


Why Choose Smart Systems?

A History of Success

At Smart Systems, we are the longest standing residential and commercial automation integrators in Melbourne. We started with the aim to provide functional, integrated infrastructure, home access control and secure living. Today, after 15 years, our goal remains the same. Through expanded operations, the latest technology, a history of industry success and a commitment to achieving perfection, we've become the trusted name in home automation for Melbourne households. Above all else we offer simplicity and peace of mind.

By using the best home technology, and ensuring each custom installation includes purpose built structured cabling infrastructure, we'll build you a Smart System for today, ready to evolve for tomorrow.


For more information on, multi-room video , distributed audio , dedicated home theatres , lighting automation, complete home automation systems in Melbourne or Smart-Green homes, contact us today on (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form