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Family Entertainment

For complete family entertainment, choose Smart Systems. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals can fit out your home with the latest Distributed Audio, home technology for Distributed Video , Surround Sound and dedicated Home Theatre Systems

Smart Systems can guarantee all your senses are engaged when listening to music, watching television or enjoying the complete cinematic experience in your own home. Add popcorn and you're away!
As media becomes more a part of the way we live our lives, it logically follows that the way we listen to and watch media should fit within our varied lifestyles. Now that doesn't necessarily mean you need a dedicated home theatre room. After all, while such spaces are acoustically designed for the cinema experience, not everyone has the space to dedicate to such a room.

Media Rooms are typically television (with various sources such as cable or satellite, and a DVD player), connected to an audio system surround sound). Today, many homeowners add an Internet connection, which allows them to stream audio and video and view websites.


With Smart Systems entertainment packages, you can:

  • Use state of the art Systems for distributed audio and video in multiple rooms, from a single source, minus the messy clutter.
  • Hide projector screens and projectors away in the ceiling to be dropped down when required.
  • Control all home theatre audio and video equipment with a single remote.
  • Turn off lights, adjust heating and close blinds from the comfort of the lounge prior to viewing.

For the above applications and Entertainment Options plus many more, contact us today.


Family Entertainment includes:

Multi-room Distributed Audio

With a wide variety of distributed audio systems Smart Systems can tailor the ideal system to suit you. Let us help you make an informed decision. For Family Entertainment, the unrivalled Sonos system for Multi-Room Distributed Audio is extremely popular. Stream any music - from anywhere in the world - direct to any room in your home. With distributed audio, you could listen to your favourite London radio station in the kitchen, stream the latest hits in the rumpus room, play the soccer live from Italy in the alfresco and roll out your personal CD collection in the lounge, or have a wall mounted control in every room. With Smart Systems guidance, your options for distributed audio are limitless.

A Distributed audio system will allow you to:

  • Play the same or different music, including CDs, mp3s and radio, in multiple rooms throughout the house.
  • Use your iPhone or iTouch to control a Sonos system.
  • Replace alarm clock radios with programmed, timed music from the in-ceiling speakers, or set your distributed audio to play in your bathroom as you shower or in the kitchen as you eat breakfast.
  • Stream music direct from your own personal collection on CD's, on your PC or even off the Internet.


Multi-room Video

Want to play video from such sources as Foxtel, free-to-air, DVDs or Blu-ray disc - direct to any room in your home simultaneously? Consider the convenience of being able to watch a Blu-ray movie in your home theatre while the children watch Foxtel in the rumpus room; all controlled centrally, without messy cables and multiple remotes. What about an intercom and security system programmed to display CCTV images on a Picture-in-Picture sub screen if a visitor should arrive while you're watching a movie? With Smart Systems Multi-Room Video , you can do this, and hide all cables for your plasma, LCD and all DVD player and Blu-ray equipment tidily and without fuss.

Distributed video from Smart Systems allows users to:

  • Enjoy access to multiple sources of video to any room of your house with the equipment located in one central location.
  • Enjoy crystal clear images and the best reception from Foxtel and free to air TV.
  • Transmit camera footage to any TV, touch screen or personal computer in your house.


Dedicated Home Theatre

At Smart Systems, we make it our commitment to deliver the most advanced dedicated home theatre systems to Melbourne homes. For superior surround sound, wide screen viewing and easy control on a single touch-screen control giving you the complete cinematic experience, choose Smart Systems.

Home theatre is an experience -- not just boxes with knobs and buttons. Smart Systems is passionate about providing you with the big screen cinema experience, and we bring our passion to you from the design of your home theatre to the placement of speakers to the acoustic treatment of your room. We will help you select your projector, TV, speakers, receiver, DVD player, Blu-ray player, home theatre seating and other hardware with the same care we would select our own. We take everything into consideration to bring you the best experience possible.

Imagine inserting the latest blockbuster Blu-ray disk or DVD into your player, turning down the lights, sitting back and being transported into the movie. Feel the sonic boom of a fighter jet in your chest just as if it flew over your house. Scenes so real you think you are there. The feeling of being front row of the best show of your life.

Dedicated home theatre from Smart Systems allows you the luxury of:

  • Getting rid of multiple, bulky remotes and control all equipment; including TV, DVD, Blu-ray, surround sound, distributed audio and projector screens from a single simple touch-screen remote.
  • Having automated blinds, lighting, heating, surround sound and video all activate simultaneously as your cinematic experience begins
  • The latest surround sound speakers.
  • The choice of LCD, plasma or projector and motorized screens to be mounted to the wall or drop down when required.

For more information on, distributed audio , dedicated home theatres or complete home automation in Melbourne, or any of Smart Systems' products or services, contact us today on (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form