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Telephone & Intercom

Add Telephone and Intercom technology to your smart house today!
Smart Systems takes pride in connecting Melbourne homes. We offer the full range of phone systems, including conventional analgue systems through to fully digital and voip based systems.

We design Telephone and Intercom systems to be functional yet simple, and we've been making it simple for over 15 years. For advanced home technology including Telephone and Intercom Systems, users are afforded a greater sense of control when allowing visitors into the home, as well as an advanced communication system both internally and while communicating with visitors outside the family home.

Considered the benefits of linking your front door intercom through your household telephones to monitor and screen visitors? Or the benefits of viewing your front door via the wireless Touchscreen in your lounge room - or even on your iPhone! Or being able to control home phones individually for example to switch upstairs telephones to mute while children are sleeping? With Smart Systems, you can do it all. Smart Systems operates to make your life simple. To find out more, call (03) 9818 8006 today.

Why Choose Smart Systems?

A History of Success

At Smart Systems, we are the longest standing residential and commercial automation integrators in Melbourne. Our founding aim was to provide functional integrated infrastructure, home access control and secure living. Today, after 15 years, our goal remains the same. Through expanded operations, the latest technology, a history of industry success and a commitment to achieving perfection, we've become the trusted name in home automation for Melbourne households. Above all else we offer simplicity and peace of mind.

By using the best technology and ensuring each custom installation includes purpose built structured cabling infrastructure, we'll build you a Smart System for today yet ready to evolve for tomorrow.

For more information on Smart Systems' data and communication services, as well as lighting automation , distributed audio, advanced security systems , complete home automation in Melbourne or smart-green homes, contact us today on (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form