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Data & Communication

Get Connected with Smart Systems!
Increasingly, we are becoming reliant on data in our day to day lives. We search, compare, download and share content at levels today that were unprecedented 10 years ago.

As a provider of Hi Speed Internet , Telephone and Intercom , Smart Systems cabling infrastructure has evolved with and continued to stay ahead of consumer habits; to facilitate data sharing and communication systems that cope with increasing demand.

Complete home automation systems today include Hi-Speed Internet , telephone and intercom Sonos systems for distributed audio , lighting automation , dedicated home theatres , advanced security systems and more. Smart Systems are the experts in every field of your home's electronic architecture.

With Smart Systems data and communication home technology, you can:

  • Conveniently connect to the Internet in any room throughout your the house.
  • Screen visitors with an intercom at your front door or gate.
  • Mute upstairs telephones at certain times to ensure children sleep undisturbed.
  • Network all computers to file-share, share networked printers and include home server back up.

For the above Data and Communication applications plus many more, contact us today.

The data and communication systems available at Smart Systems have been categorised into separate categories for simple identification of your specific needs. These include:


High Speed Internet Networking

We provide Internet cabling and servicing to allow users to control home content and maintain a High Speed connection. The Internet continues to play an increasingly prominent role in the lives of professionals, students, and keeping families and communities connected. It also plays a vital part in the growth of home entertainment.

High Speed Internet from Smart Systems allows users to:

  • Enable any connected computer in the home to have access to your broadband connection.
  • File share and share networked printers.
  • Deliver content from your data network to your main entertainment systems within the home.
  • Protect documents and drives with advanced security systems and firewalls.
  • Connect to NAS drives in which to store your media. (Photos, Music and Movies.)

Smart Systems will provide your 'Digital Linen Closet' (Regd trademark)


Telephone & Intercom

For advanced home technology including telephone and intercom from Smart Systems, users are afforded a greater sense of control when allowing visitors into the home, as well as an advanced communication system both internally and while communicating with visitors outside the family home.

Telephone and Intercom from Smart Systems allows users to:

  • Link your front door to the intercom for monitoring and screening all visitors.
  • View your front door via your touch screen.
  • Page, access your intercom and open gates remotely.
  • Send out internal broadcasts for children at dinner.
  • Switch upstairs telephones to mute at certain times so late night calls wont wake sleeping children.
  • Make cheaper calls by using a dedicated Voip line.

With Smart Systems' High Speed Internet, Telephone and Intercom a connected home is made easy. Achieve ultimate connectivity with a Smart Systems solution.

For more information on lighting automation , distributed audio, dedicated home theatres , advanced security systems , complete home automation in Melbourne or smart-green homes, call (03) 9818 8006 or submit an online form